TR32 Publications for year 2009


Blümich, B., Mauler, J., Haber, A., Perlo, J., Danieli, E., Casanova, F., 2009.
Mobile NMR for geophysical analysis and materials testing.
Petroleum Science. 6 (1), 1 - 7. DOI: 10.1007/s12182-009-0001-4.

Blümich, B., Casanova, F., Appelt, S., 2009.
NMR at low magnetic fields.
Chemical Physics Letters. 477, 231 - 240. DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2009.06.096.

Bogena, H., Huisman, J., Meier, H., Rosenbaum, U., Weuthen, A., 2009.
Hybrid wireless underground sensor networks - Quantification of signal attenuation due to soil adsorption.
Vadose Zone Journal. 8 (3), 755 - 761. DOI: 10.2136/vzj2008.0138.

Braun, A., Griebel, M., 2009.
On a Constructive Proof of Kolmogorov's Superposition Theorem.
Constructive Approximation. 30 (3), 653 - 675. DOI: 10.1007/s00365-009-9054-2.

Cassiani, G., Kemna, A., Villa, A., Zimmermann, E., 2009.
Spectral induced polarization for the characterization of free-phase hydrocarbon contamination of sediments with low clay content: Near Surface.
Near Surface Geophysics. 7, 547 - 562. DOI: 10.3997/1873-0604.2009028.

Feuersänger, C., Griebel, M., 2009.
Principal manifold learning by sparse grids.
Computing. 85, 267 - 299. DOI: 10.1007/s00607-009-0045-8.

Herbst, M., Prolingheuer, N., Graf, A., Huisman, J., Weihermüller, L., Vanderborght, J., 2009.
Characterization and understanding of bare soil respiration spatial variability at plot scale.
Vadose Zone Journal. 8 (3), 762 - 771. DOI: 10.2136/vzj2008.0068.

Kneifel, S., Crewell, S., Löhnert, U., Schween, J., 2009.
Investigating water vapor variability by groundbased microwave radiometry: evaluation using airborne observations.
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. 6 (1), 157 - 161. DOI: 10.1109/LGRS.2008.2007659.

Kollet, S., Cvijanovic, I., Schüttemeyer, D., Maxwell, R., Moene, A., Bayer, P., 2009.
The influence of rain sensible heat, subsurface heat convection and the lower temperature boundary condition on the energy balance at the land surface.
Vadose Zone Journal. 8 (4), 846 - 857. DOI: 10.2136/vzj2009.0005.

Kollet, S., 2009.
Influence of soil heterogeneity on evapotranspiration under shallow water table conditions: transient, stochastic simulations.
Environmental Research Letters. 4 (3), 1 - 9. DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/4/3/035007.

Pape, H., Clauser, C., 2009.
Improved Interpretation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance T1 and T2 Distributions for Permeabil-ity Prediction - Simulation of Diffusion Coupling for a Fractal Cluster of Pores.
Pure and Applied Geophysics. 166 (5-7), 949 - 968. DOI: 10.1007/s00024-009-0480-7.

Pape, H., Arnold, J., Pechnig, R., Clauser, C., Talnishnikh, E., Anferova, S., Blümich, B., 2009.
Permeability prediction for low porosity rocks by mobile NMR.
Pure and Applied Geophysics. 166, 1125 - 1163. DOI: 10.1007/s00024-009-0481-6.

Pohlmeier, A., Haber-Pohlmeier, S., Stapf, S., 2009.
A Fast Field Cycling Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry Study of Natural Soils.
Vadose Zone Journal. 8 (3), 735 - 742. DOI: 10.2136/vzj2008.0030.

Rascher, U., Agati, G., Alonso, L., Cecchi, G., Champagne, S., Colombo, R., Damm, A., Daumard, F., de Miguel, E., Fernandez, G., Franch, B., Franke, J., Gerbig, C., Gioli, B., Gomez, J., Goulas, Y., Guanter, L., Gutierrez-de-la-Camara, O., Hamdi, K., Hostert, P., Jimenez, M., Kosvancova, M., Lognoli, D., Meroni, M., Miglietta, F., Moersch, A., Moreno, J., Moya, I., Neininger, B., Okujeni, A., Ounis, A., Palombi, L., Raimondi, V., Schickling, A., Sobrino, J., Stellmes, M., Toci, G., Toscano, P., Udelhoven, K., van der Linden, S., Zaldei, A., 2009.
CEFLES2: The remote sensing component to quantify photosynthetic efficiency from the leaf to the region by measuring sun-induced fluorescence in the oxygen absorption bands.
Biogeosciences. 6, 1181 - 1198. DOI: 10.5194/bg-6-1181-2009.

Sciuto, G., Bonaccorso, B., Cancelliere, A., Rossi, G., 2009.
Quality control of daily rainfall data with neural networks.
Journal of Hydrology. 364, 13 - 22. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2008.10.008.

Stingaciu, L., Pohlmeier, A., Blümler, P., Weihermüller, L., van Dusschoten, D., Stapf, S., Vereecken, H., 2009.
Characterization of unsaturated porous media by high-field and low-field NMR relaxometry.
Water Resources Research. 45, 1 - 11. DOI: 10.1029/2008WR007459.

Weihermüller, L., Huisman, J., Herbst, M., Graf, A., Sequaris, J., 2009.
Multistep outflow experiments to determine soil physical and carbon dioxide production parameters.
Vadose Zone Journal. 8 (3), 772 - 782. DOI: 10.2136/vzj2008.0041.

Winchen, T., Kemna, A., Vereecken, H., Huisman, J., 2009.
Characterization of bimodal facies distributions using effective anisotropic complex resistivity: a 2D numerical study based on Cole-Cole models.
Geophysics. 74, 19 - 22. DOI: 10.1190/1.3113986.


DeVore, R., Kunoth, A., 2009.
Multiscale, Nonlinear and Adaptive Approximation.
Springer, Heidelberg. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-03413-8.

Book Section(s)

Amelung, W., Brodowski, S., Sandhage-Hofmann, A., Bol, R., 2009.
Combining Biomarker with Stable Isotope Analyses for Assessing the Transformation and Turnover of Soil Organic Matter.
In: Sparks, D.L. (Eds.): Advances in Agronomy. Elsevier, Burlington, 155 - 251. DOI: 10.1016/S0065-2113(08)00606-8.

Kunoth, A., 2009.
Optimized wavelet preconditioning.
In: DeVore, R., Kunoth, A. (Eds.): Multiscale, Nonlinear and Adaptive Approximation. Springer, Heidelberg, 325 - 378. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-03413-8_10.

Event Paper(s)

Castano Diez, D., Jager, G., Kunoth, A., 2009.
Multiscale analysis of multivariate data.
In: Gürlebeck, K. and Könke, C. (Eds.): Internationales Kolloquium über Anwendungen der Informatik und Mathematik in Architektur und Bauwesen. Proc. of 18th International Conference on the Applications of Computer Science and Mathematics in Architecture and Civil Engineering, July 07 - 09, 2009, Weimar, Germany, 1 - 20.

Curdt, C., Hoffmeister, D., Waldhoff, G., Bareth, G., 2009.
Implementierung eines Projektdatenmanagements für das interdisziplinäre Forschungsprojekt TR32 „Patterns in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Systems: Monitoring, Modelling, and Data Assimilation“.
In: Bill, R., Korduan, P., Theuvsen, L. and Morgenstern, M. (Eds.): Anforderungen an die Agrarinformatik durch Globalisierung und Klimaveränderung.. Proc. of GIL 2009, P-142, March 09 - 10, 2009, Rostock, Germany, 181 - 184.

Curdt, C., Hoffmeister, D., Waldhoff, G., Bareth, G., 2009.
Implementation of a metadatabase for a regional SDI for soil-vegetation-atmosphere modelling.
Proc. of GSDI 11 World Conference: Spatial Data Infrastructure Convergence: Building SDI Bridges to address Global Challenges, June 15 - 19, 2009, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1 - 12.

Curdt, C., Hoffmeister, D., Waldhoff, G., Bareth, G., 2009.
Management and Visualization of Interdisciplinary Research Data with ArcGIS Server.
Proc. of ESRI International User Conference, July 13 - 17, 2009, San Diego, CA, USA, 1 - 4.

Diwoky, C., Reinisch, A., Gross, D., Lehmann, V., Strunk, D., Stollberger, R., 2009.
UTE Imaging for Single Cell Detection with Positive Contrast.
Proceedings of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Proc. of The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 17, April 18 - 24, 2009, Honolulu, USA, 805 - 805.

Waldhoff, G., Bareth, G., 2009.
GIS- and RS-based land use and land cover analysis - case study Rur-Watershed, Germany.
In: Lin, L., Xia, L., Kai, L. and Xinchang, Z. (Eds.): SPIE. Proc. of Geoinformatics 2008 and Joint Conference on GIS and Built Environment: Advanced Spatial Data Models and Analyses, 7146, June 28 - 29, 2008, Guangzhou, China, 1 - 6. DOI: 10.1117/12.813171.

Waldhoff, G., Curdt, C., Hoffmeister, D., Bareth, G., 2009.
Multi-Daten Ansatz für verbesserte Landnutzungsanalyasen - Fallstudie Rur-Einzugsgebiet.
In: Bill, R., Korduan, P., Theuvsen, L. and Morgenstern, M. (Eds.): Anforderungen an die Agrarinformatik durch Globalisierung und Klimaveränderung. . Proc. of GIL 2009, P-142, March 09 - 10, 2009, Rostock, Germany, 37 - 40.

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