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cluster b   Combining non-invasive measurements and modeling to analyze spatiotemporal variability of water and matter fluxes at the field scale
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B1   Characterizing spatio-temporal patterns of water and C-fluxes at field-scale
B3   Spatial and temporal patterns of soil carbon pools - a MIR-spectroscopic approach
B4   Effect of vertical and lateral variations of soil moisture at the field-scale on root water uptake and plant transpiration
B5   Modelling the spatio-temporal variability of crop and cropping system processes under heterogeneous field conditions
B6   Soil moisture content estimation by inverting surface and horizontal borehole GPR data
B7   Soil structure and mass transfer with NMR: From pore-scale patterns to meter-scale hydraulics 
B8   Characterizing water transport properties of partially saturated soils by joint inversion of NMR and IP measurements
B9   Identification and Simulation of Subsurface Soil Patterns from Geophysical Measurements

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