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Matthias Kelter


Diploma Physics

Matthias Kelter

Ph.D. Student in A3


FZ Jülich
Institute of Bio and Geosciences Agrosphere
Agrosphere (IBG-3)

52425 Jülich


icon phone  +49 (0)2461 61 6271


icon mail  m.kelter@fz-juelich.de

SFB/TR32 - Project affiliations

A3 - Inverse modelling of soil hydraulic property patterns from non invasive electrical measurements

MGK - Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) – all doctoral students

Doctoral research topic

Project start date: 02/2012

Title: Imaging of soil hydraulic properties using spectral electrical impedance tomography

Advisor: Andreas Kemna

Other doctoral committee members: Johann A. Huisman, Harry Vereecken

Scientific interests

  • Spectral induced polarization
  • Electrical imaging
  • Coupled hydrogeophysical inversion


2005-2011: Diploma in Physics, University of Bonn


Precipitation radar Uni Bonn

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