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Nele Meyer



Nele Meyer

Ph.D. Student in B3


University of Bonn
Institute of Crop Science and Resource
Conservation (INRES) - Division Soil Science

Nussallee 13
53115 Bonn


icon phone  +49 (0)228 73 6809


icon mail  nele.meyer@uni-bonn.de

SFB/TR32 - Project affiliations

B3 - Spatio-temporal patterns of Q10 values for improved modeling of heterotrophic soil respiration

MGK - Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG)

Doctoral research topic

Project start date: 06/2013

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Advisor: Prof.Dr. Wulf Amelung

Other doctoral committee members: Prof. Dr. Bernd Diekkrüger, PD Dr. Gerd Welp


- 2007-2010: Bachelor´s degree, University of Kiel, Geography

Thesis title: Rekonstruktion der Bodengenese in Verwitterungshohlformen des Enchanted Rock (Texas) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Pollenanalysen, 14C- und OSL-Datierungen

- 2010-2012: Master's degree, University of Bonn, Geography

Thesis title: Spatial patterns of carbon dynamics on a C-saturation-affected arable field site within six years of fallow

Conference contributions

- N. Meyer, L.Bornemann, G.Welp, W.Amelung, 2015. Nitrogen controls spatial and temporal variability of substrate-induced respiration within seven years of bare fallow. EGU General Assembly 2015, Wien (Talk)

- N. Meyer., G. Welp, L. Bornemann, C. Martius, A. Rodionov, W. Amelung, 2015. Substrat-induzierte Atmung und Priming-Effekte in Abhängigkeit von C-, N- und P-Limitierung. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft, September 2015, München (Talk)

- N. Meyer, G.Welp, W.Amelung, 2016. What determines the spatial variability of soil respiration and its temperature dependence (Q10) at catchment scale (Rur Catchment, Germany)? EGU General Assembly 2016, Wien (Talk + Poster)

- N. Meyer, G. Welp, A. Rodionov, C. Martius, N. Borchard, W. Amelung, 2016. Microbial N and P mining from recalcitrant pools. SOMmic Workshop, Leipzig (Talk)


- Meyer, N., Meyer, H., Welp, G., Amelung, W., 2018. Soil respiration and its temperature sensitivity (Q10): Rapid acquisition using mid-infrared spectroscopy. Geoderma (accepted).

- Meyer, N., Welp, G., Amelung, W., 2018. The temperature sensitivity (Q10) of soil respiration: controlling factors and spatial prediction at regional scale based on environmental soil classes. Global Biogeochemical Cycles (accepted).

- Meyer, N., Welp, G., Rodionov, A., Borchard, N., Martius, M., Amelung, W., 2018. Nitrogen and phosphorus supply controls soil organic carbon mineralization in tropical topsoil and subsoil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 119, 152-161.

- Meyer, N., Bornemann, L., Welp, G., Amelung, W., 2017. Carbon saturation drives spatial patterns of soil organic matter losses under long-term bare fallow. Geoderma, 306, 89-98.

- Meyer, N., Welp, G., Bornemann, L., Amelung, W., 2017. Microbial nitrogen mining affects spatio-temporal patterns of substrate-induced respiration during seven years of bare fallow. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 104, 175-184

- Lehnert, L.W., Meyer, H., Meyer, N., Reudenbach, C., Bendix, J., 2014. A hyperspectral indicator system for rangeland degradation on the Tibetan Plateau: A case study towards spaceborne monitoring. Ecological Indicators, 39, 54-64


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