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Past Events

IRTG Workshop | Advanced Scientific Writing for doctoral students



From Tuesday 10 October 2017
To Thursday 12 October 2017


The Advanced Scientific Writing Workshop is a 2-day writing workshop that teaches the skills required for producing research papers of the highest quality for the world's top journals. The workshop is designed for early-career scientists with a good standard of English. A limited number of spaces is available and they are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

To register, send an e-mail with [your name], "IRTG" and the course code “2017_T10ASW” to gsgs-admin@uni-koeln.de


Requirements for attending:
a) Only people who previously attended a relevant course on English Academic Writing (IRTG or elsewhere) will be able to take part.
b) All participants will be asked to complete a short writing exercise and submit it by 11 September 2017.


Aim of the Workshop:
The workshop Advanced Scientific Writing aims to give participants the confidence to begin publishing in the increasingly competitive world of science.
The instructors are Justin Mullins and Mark Buchanan of "Write About Science". Both are native English speakers, experienced scientific writers and editors and have a background in Natural Sciences.


The workshop includes the following elements:

How high-profile journals such as Nature and Science choose the papers they publish
Types of scientific paper and their structures
The structure of titles and abstracts
How to express complex ideas in clear, emphatic sentences
The structure of paragraphs
The secrets of editing
Intensive exercises to demonstrate key points
One-to-one session with each participant
Booklet of exercises with online access to workshop slides


The instructors will prepare detailed feedback to the text that they will give to each participant during the course.

Location University of Cologne
Contact To register, send an e-mail with [your name], "IRTG" and the course code “2017_T10ASW” to gsgs-admin@uni-koeln.de

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