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Past Events

1st Summer Snowfall Workshop: Scattering and microphysical properties of ice particles



From Wednesday 28 June 2017
To Friday 30 June 2017



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1st Summer Snowfall Workshop

Scattering and microphysical properties of ice particles

28-30 June 2017, University of Cologne, Germany

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The main goals of this workshop are to:

discuss the progress in developing single scattering databases:

  • Definition of scattering data structure and conventions
  • Scattering database interface tools
  • Scattering database repository

their applications:

  • Bulk scattering properties
  • Scattering approximations
  • Particular requirements for passive and active applications
  • Guidelines and best practices for database users

and to bridge the gap between scattering and microphysical properties of snow:

  • In-situ properties of ice and snow particles
  • Observational constraints for scattering datasets
Location University of Cologne, Germany
Contact Dr. Stefan Kneifel // skneifel@meteo.uni-koeln.de

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