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Past Events

TR32 IRTG Writing Retreat



From Sunday 11 June 2017
To Wednesday 14 June 2017



TR32 Writing Retreat, Sunday Jun 11th – Wednesday Jun 14th


Goal and format

The main goal of this writing retreat is to – of course- write, but also to provide accountability and discuss successful writing techniques. The program thus consists of group discussions on your writing goals, problems faced during writing, optional plot discussions and of course lots and lots of writing sessions.

This is not a course on scientific writing, rather a workshop that focuses on getting writing done.


Organizational details

The retreat will take place in Hotel Hohenhaus in Eisenach from Sunday, Jun 11th until Wednesday, Jun 14th . You must attend all three days. Expenses are fully covered. CANCELLATION POLICY: Should you cancel your registration, you will need to reimburse the full hotel cancellation costs from TR32 external funds. You may try and find a replacement, but the replacement will have to apply per the rules below. This will also ban you from attending any future writing retreat events.

>>>   The new deadline to sign up is May 8th.   <<<


Apply for a spot by filling in the answers below and replying to Nadine by May 8th:

What is the project you will be working on?

What problems have you faced while writing on this project (or in general)?

What do you hope to gain by attending the retreat?

Would you be willing to share a room with someone?

Location Hotel Hohenhaus in Eisenach
Contact n.heinrichs@uni-koeln.de or irtg@tr32.de

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