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TR32 Conference
Friday, 07 April 2017
Thumbnail Terrestrial Systems Research: Monitoring, Prediction and High Performance Computing   April 3rd – April 6th 2018 Venue: University Bonn more...
September 19th-21st, 2016 Organized by: DAFOH, HEPEX, FOR2131 and TR32 The workshop will provide a platform for scientific exchange among researchers working on data assimilation methods and applications in terrestrial systems. Topics to be discussed are the development, improvement and...
Monday, 30 November 2015
ESA selects Fluorescence satellite for vegetation monitoring for its Earth Explorer 8 mission – Scientists from Jülich and the Transregio TR-32 fundamentally involved in the preparation of this mission The European Space Agency has just announced that the next Earth Explorer (EE8) will be the FLEX...
Bulletin of the AMS
Wednesday, 04 November 2015
Monitoring and Modeling the Terrestrial System from Pores to Catchments - the Transregional Collaborative Research Center on Patterns in the Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere System Simmer, C., I. Thiele-Eich, M. Masbou, W. Amelung, S. Crewell, B. Diekkrueger, F. Ewert, H.-J. Hendricks Franssen, A. J....
Modelluntersuchungen zum Einfluss der ...
Wednesday, 02 September 2015
Thumbnail posted 2015-09-02 MOL-ROA Aktuell 3/2015(Deutscher Wetterdienst, Meteorologisches Observatorium Lindenberg – Richard-Aßmann-Observatorium) Modelluntersuchungen zum Einfluss der Abschattung der Solarstrahlung durch die Vegetation auf die Erdbodentemperaturen in Falkenberg Die 2m-Temperatur gehört...
Support for HyPlant campaign 2015
Thursday, 20 August 2015
posted 2015-08-20          As a support to the HyPlant campaign, the roving eddy covariance system was operated in the center of a barley field near Selhausen from June 9 to July 3. The dataset covers a period of approximately constant plant height starting when the barley still showed photosynthetic...
posted 2015-07-14 Recent weather events have caused two oak trees to fall over at the station "Lindenberger Wald", knocking over a control cabinet and hitting the sap flow sensor as well as the dendrometer at tree "Eiche 1". Fortunately for us, overall damage to the sensors is relatively low, and...
HyPlant flight campaign 2015
Tuesday, 07 July 2015
posted 2015-07-07     Due to extremely nice weather the HyPlant flight campaign was conducted (Juli), with TR32-relevant measurements taken. For further information, please contact Uwe Rascher (...
PhD Programme
Tuesday, 13 May 2014
View the latest 'News' concerning the PhD Programme.
Why TR32?
Friday, 09 August 2013
The soil, vegetation and the lower atmosphere are key compartments of the Earth, where almost all activities of mankind take place. This region is characterized by extremely complex patterns, structures and processes that act at different time and space scales. While the exchange of energy, water...

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