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Past Events (PhD)

Popular Science Writing Workshop



Friday 13 October 2017


The Popular Science Writing Workshop on 13 October 2017 is a full day workshop by the same instructors as the Advanced Scientific Writing Workshop. Again, it is a joint GSGS/IRTG event.

If you wish to attend the Workshop, please register at: http://www.geosciences.uni-koeln.de/16241.html

This workshop teaches the skills required to turn hard scientific research into popular science aimed at a broad audience. A key focus of the workshop will be the structure of good writing. It will examine the structure of popular science news articles, features, opinion pieces, books, blogs and new media such as short videos and social messages.

The planned course instructors are two highly experienced scientific writers and editors. The workshop includes the following elements:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Networks and how they influence the spread of information
  • Types of popular science articles and their structures
  • Writing press releases
  • Social media techniques
  • Writing popular science books
  • Pitching stories to editors and agents
  • Online access to workshop slides

This workshop does not require preparation in advance. Participation numbers are limited only by the space available. However, the instructors would prefer doctoral candidates to have attended the Advanced Scientific Writing Workshop. We will set up an online registration tool and will announce this workshop specifically again a soon as the date is fixed.

Location University of Cologne

For further information, please contact:


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Nadine Horst
(geb. Heinrichs)

IRTG Coordinator

University of Cologne
Institute for
Geophysics and Meteorology

D-50923 Cologne
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